A Skippers Tale… part II

Following a distressing phone conversation this evening, I’m starting this blog with a little bit of a caveat.  This is being written so that those people who are interested in the welfare of my Dad can follow along with the story.  I am not making you read it, and if you don’t want to know how he is doing can I politely… or not… tell you quite frankly, you’re not wanted around here either so peddle your wares some place else!

Right… Onto the news.

Last night we spoke to one of the attending Doctors of Team Lawrence, about the MRI scan he had yesterday.  The crux of the matter is that in addition to the doodad on his Frontal Lobe, Dad had been diagnosed with…

  • a suspected cyst on his kidney – this, they are sure, is just damn bad timing and is separate to whatever else is going on.
  • Smallish pulmonary embolisms on the lungs – he’s just trying to out do Mum.
  • Two more ‘things’ in his brain, but considering they didn’t turn up on the original CT scan, we are assuming they are smaller than the original one.

This morning he was trundled off for a ultra-sound on his legs, to round out the examination.  The have discovered a few more small clots in the legs.

Treatment at the time being is by way of Heparin which is an anti clotting medication.  They can’t put him on Warfarin because it is hard to reverse in a pinch where as, if for some reason they had to operate, Heparin can be done relatively quickly.

So we are holding a steady course while they get this under control and then we can move forward.  We know Dad is likely to be in hospital for the next week or two… and we are waiting to get a chance to speak with his Consultant Neuro.

On good news, the medication infusions that he has taken for the shakes has kicked in, and he is much more lucid than the last two days.  He has his TV, his Paper, cute Nurses and being waited on hand and foot… so he’s kicking back and relaxing

At present visitors are family only, but we will inform you all when things change.


One thought on “A Skippers Tale… part II

  1. Yoli,

    WE are all sorry to hear about Fred’s being so gravely ill. You, Fred and Barbara are in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for the update.

    I have passed the Blog information onto Buster and the SAA membership both locally and nationally via Paul and Norm.



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