A Skippers Tale part IV


After the shock of yesterday, today has been a rather mundane affair for both Dad, and Mum and I.  The weeks events are starting to catch up to me now… today I felt a little bit like a damp dishrag and Mum wasn’t much better.  Until we get a firm diagnosis everything is still up in the air, but now they have hinted at the possible severity of things, my mind can’t help but stand at the fork in the road look at the two options and choose the one that makes a Wes Craven film look like Mary Poppins!  Damn my imagination!

Like I said, nothing really to note but this picture popped up on one of my friends Facebook pages today and I think it very succinctly sums up how I am going right about now. (apologies for the “F” bomb)


In the end, only I went in to see Dad this afternoon.  The events of yesterday really had done a number on Mum… that and the fact that Mum’s coping mechanism is to keep busy, not a great idea if you are trying to recuperate yourself… so Mum decided that she would have to step back and ‘catch her breath’ as it were.   On a funny side bar – Coco decided to re-enact her anti-rollover position with Mum this afternoon.  Mum said there was no way Dad would have been able to move with a brown doorstop wedged up his back!

Tomorrow we are going to go and see Dad in the morning and hopefully get some more information from the consultant surgeon.  Talking to the young nurses today, we should know by Sunday evening what time Dad’s operation is scheduled for on Monday morning.

We will keep you all informed… and hopefully in the not too distant future he may be able to have visitors.


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