A Skippers Tale Part VI


As far as Dad’s day went today, he was busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.  As I commented yesterday.  His Brother and Sister Shane and Jane made a whirlwind visit up from Albany along with my Aunty Shirley.  The “Three Musketeers” are close knit with Dad being the eldest.  For those of you who are reading this and not from WA, Uncle Shane and Aunty Jane both live in Dad’s home town of Albany which is some 400kms south of Perth.  It’s not your average daily commute between siblings.  Mum and I can’t thank them enough for making the trip… it meant the world to Dad and the world to us as well.

From all accounts Dad was in fine spirits when they arrived at the hospital to see him (Mum and I had previously decided to go in later this afternoon so we could get an idea on procedure times for tomorrow).  Dad seemed to get a little fuddled over the chain of events leading up to his admission to hospital, but all chatted about past experiences and family memories, once again supporting the fact that whatever is going on in Dad’s head, seems to be happening primarily in the short term memory centre – more on that later…

Around 1pm Uncle Shane called to say that Dad had had lunch and was settling in for his afternoon siesta and that they were just leaving the hospital so he, and his lovely travelling companions would be swinging out to see us on their way back home.  Having the chance to sit down and chat to people who have a different baseline to us was really good.  Aunty Jane mentioned that over the past couple of weeks Dad had seemed more ‘vague’ on the phone when he had called her.  Again, hindsight is wondrous thing… and Mum and I both said we hadn’t noticed it… But as Aunt Jane pointed out… we were ‘too close’… and we were/are.  Our understanding of Dad’s quirks while this has been brewing is tempered by the fact that we do see him on a daily basis, and it took something pretty radical to bring it to our attention.

Coco, our staffy, was ecstatic that Uncle Shane was here… a Man!  Sitting in Dad’s CHAIR!  Suddenly Uncle Shane was pummelled by 20kgs of lap dog… add to that male interaction, a brief sojourn to the park with the ball and Coco was in puppy heaven!

Just after the family left I had a text from Loui Kannikoski, a long time friend of Dad’s and his most recent employer.  Loui was down from up north and Dad had said he would love to catch up with him.  So I was able to give Loui the ward details so he could head into Sir Charlies to see Dad.

By the time that Mum and I arrived at the hospital Loui had left, but not before giving Dad a little present.  A Lego like puzzle that when completed looked like one of the Bhagwhan vessels.  I had to smile at that for two reasons.  One, it was super cute… and two, as I have previously mentioned Mindy Hammond and the recounting of her husband Richard’s Top Gear accident.  One of the things that helped him get through the transition stage when memories were there, but a little fuddled, was a constant stream of Lego… something, as he would later put it, that was complex enough to keep his mind active without overstressing it.  I can’t wait to see it finished.

We checked with the nurses and we now know that Dad is first cab off the rank as it were for surgery tomorrow morning (around 8am).  Allowing for recovery time, we should expect to get a call from the staff sometime around midday and we will head in after that.

As to what happens from then regarding where Dad will be will be determined by his recovery.  There is a possibility that he might be able to come home between the biopsy and the start of any treatments.  So if you are thinking of visiting after say Wednesday next week and you haven’t heard different from us, just call the hospital and make sure he is still there 😀

We are living a little one day at a time for the moment.  Mum can’t/won’t allow herself to wander too far into the future, instead focusing on making one thing work at a time.  I’ve always been a bit of a bigger picture artist and so my mind is going 20 to the dozen trying to factor every possible outcome I can think of at the moment so that I don’t find myself getting blindsided by something.  It’s usually crap, and it usually does… but at least I’m prepared… sort of…

That being said, there are some things that we don need to take one day at a time… and tomorrow is another day!


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