A Skippers Tale Part VII


When I woke up this morning I found Mum was a little teary.  When I asked her what was wrong she explained it was something as silly as hearing the bin-man come up the street.  She was reflecting on how it had been a week already since Dad took his turn and started on this course.

As you can probably guess, Mum was as twitchy as a willy wagtail this morning knowing that Dad was scheduled for surgery at 8am.  To her credit, the agitation didn’t come really to a head until about 12.20pm when she could stand it no longer and she gave in and called the Ward.  We were informed that the surgery had gone ahead without issue and that Dad was still in recovery and his nurse would give us a call when he was brought back up to the HDU.

About half an hour later we got the call we were wanting.  Dad was back in the HDU and all had gone very well.  The Nurse was sitting beside Dad when she called and we heard him respond to her when she commented “I’m just talking to your family”.  We confirmed that the 1-3 rest period was still in force and so we aimed to be in there by 3pm.  Secure that Dad was still with us, Mum relaxed visibly and was able to have some lunch without stressing more than she is already.

The run into Sir Charlies is getting progressively better, but I do have to admit that it can be taxing on me at times.  Today we left home at 2.10 and got to the hospital at 2.40, our best time yet… and as I am driving my Mum in Dad’s car, I am adamantly sticking to the speed limit!

Because we had gotten there early we headed up to the cafeteria, which of course is at the other end of the hospital on the top floor.  I resorted to turning Mum’s walker into a scoot-along and we made double time up to the 8th floor for some refreshments.  Fed and watered with two juices and little packets of shortbreads we headed back down to Dad’s ward.

Fortunately the Nurse had warned us that Dad was going to have a couple of extra ‘bits’ attached to him when we saw him next.  Sure enough… there in addition to Dad’s existing IV was what they call a mainline – something attached directly to the main vein and a lovely ensemble of tubes from the top of his head.  They of course had to put in a drain to prevent any fluid build-up and at present he looks like someone has attacked him with a red rinse (the betadine solution) and stationery supplies (a couple of staples).  In essence he’s doing a nice Boris Karloff impersonation.

Dad’s evening Nurse came over and he was telling us that most of the paraphernalia would be removed in the next 24 hours after they have done another CT scan tomorrow and everything is deemed okay.  He was telling us that usually the Specialists get together with other department heads on a Wednesday to run through the results of tests and look at putting a plan of action together for moving forward.  He wasn’t sure if the results from the biopsy would be ready for this Wednesday’s meeting, so we might have to wait for next week.

As to Dad coming home… this, as we mentioned before, will come down to how well he recovers and what his overall position is.  In addition to the Dr’s the staff from Allied Health (Speech Pathologist, Physio, Social etc) need to sign off that it is okay.  So that is still a bit up in the air.

Dad was starting to drift back to sleep at this point so we made our farewells.  Because of the routine he will need to go through tomorrow with recovery/tests etc, Dad has suggested that Mum and I take the day to ourselves… which we badly need!  I’m looking forward to spending a reasonable portion of that in bed!  Hand kisses were given (ie we couldn’t get to his face) and we left.

The drive home did give one moment of humour.  Remember those shortbread biscuits that we had?  Well Mum had eaten one of the two in her packet and was nibbling on the second one as we drove out of the hospital.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see her holding the last little bit out to me, so I took it and thanked her.  The trouble was she seemed surprised.  Then she laughed… whenever we have a biscuit at home, Mum always gives the last piece to Coco, our Staffy… and she was holding a biscuit… so what can I say… Woof?


3 thoughts on “A Skippers Tale Part VII

  1. Hi Yoli and Barb, thanks for the update. So glad that Fred has come through so well.glad also that you both will be having a day ” off” tomorrow. Good day to stay in the air con. Thinking of you all. Much love Lyn and Tony

  2. Glad to hear the good news and both of you are weathering the storm. Cath and i are thinking of you all and send are very best wishes from Cygnet. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Love Cath and Thommo.

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