A Skippers Tale Part VIII

Short Rations

Short posting for this evening.  Today has been supposedly a day off… we should have put that down as “a day not visiting” instead.  Mum and I took the opportunity of not visiting Dad to get some other things sorted so we don’t have a rush as we move forward such as contacting various organisations and making sure we have any power of attorney provisions in place.

As Mum is sole power of attorney for Dad and I am back up, I asked people what would constitute the POA moving to me at any point.  General consensus is that should Mum get to a point where she feels unable to maintain the duties of POA, that a letter from her Dr would suffice to move that POA to me.  It’s something odd to think about, but I just need to know these types of things just in case.

We’ve spoken to Dad a couple of times today and confirmed that his follow-up CT scan had gone ahead.  At time of posting the results hadn’t made their way back up onto the ward so we will have to wait for them tomorrow.

The nurse suggested to Mum that a nice bubble bath might be in order… and as Mum said, she could get in, but getting out might be problematic… Stuff the bubble bath… I’m going to be checking the water readings in the Spa tomorrow!  I can see a long soak in my near future!

We are all well as can be expected, and yes, I am trying to make time for *me* too… we will move forward as stately as the days and see where this journey takes us… and we are grateful for those of you who are joining us on that journey!

All the Best

Yoli & Barb


2 thoughts on “A Skippers Tale Part VIII

  1. Hi Yoli and Barb, I say bugger the bubble bath, just get a bottle of bubbles and head for the spa!,, love to you all Lyn And Tony. Please give our love to Fred tomorrow. Xxx

  2. Thinking of you and your Mum Yoli, I know how much having someone unexpectedly ill, takes out of you. Make sure that you both take ‘me’ time. You will need to be fit and strong when Dad recovers enough to return home, when you will not have the professionals around to help like you do at the moment. If I can help you in any way let me know. Not sure what I can do at the moment as I am still recovering from surgery, but I will be recovered soon, hopefully. Just email me if you want anything.

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