A Skippers Tale Part IX


Well Today has turned out to be the rest day that yesterday was intended to be.

Mum and I were going to head in and see Dad this morning, but during their morning phone call, Mum let it slip that her latest round of INR results (blood clotting measurement) to monitor her Warfarin intake for HER Pulmonary Embolisms had come back at only 1.5 for the second week in a row and the Dr had ordered her dosage up to 6mg.  We suspect with the stress and the extra moving around that Mum is doing at the moment, that her heart is more active and is creating more of a demand on her body.  Dad wasn’t particular happy with that and suggested that because “You know where I am, and I know where you are and the nurses are looking after me” that we actually TAKE the day off and get some rest instead of running around like yesterday.

This, as it turned out, to be a very good idea.  Mum and I managed to get some real rest today and we both feel a lot better for it.

Dad’s CT scan went well apparently and they have been able to remove all bar two of his accoutrements (most likely the IV line for the Heparin and another drain).  Still no word if and when he will be released, but he’s at the point we the staff and we feel that he can start having visitors.  So if you are interested in seeing him, we would advise phoning Sir Charlies on 93463333 and asking for HDU in ward G52.  The staff will be in a position to see if Dad is up to it… also… if he is still there!

I will be going in to see Dad tomorrow morning after dropping into work for a few minutes to sort out some further leave.  Thank God for long service!

All for now

Yoli and Barb


2 thoughts on “A Skippers Tale Part IX

  1. Hi Yoli, I know your Dad from the Submarine Association, I saw him last at the Centenary celebrations in Fremantle back in November. It’s horrible to hear of him in hospital after such a sudden change but I’m sure he’s being well looked after by you all and the medical staff. Your blog is a great way of keeping in touch with Fred’s situation without intruding – you must have more than enough things to do without writing it all up each night so thanks for keeping us all up to date – there will be a lot of Submarine Association people reading it and thinking of him.

    It sounds like you all have a long journey ahead of you so look after each other well and enjoy each day as it comes. We’ll all be thinking of Fred and looking forward to the next time we see him at an Anzac Day march or commemorative service – barking voice, chest full of medals and vice-like grip – back to his old self after a short time deep and quiet.

    best wishes to you all, Steve

  2. Thanks Yolo for all the updates Good to hear Fred can now have visitors. Will publicise on the the Branch Website. You certainly have a handful with Mum and Dad. We will keep you in our prayers and thoughts. Kind Regards Sid

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