A Skippers Tale X

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Gong xi fa cai!

I’m taking hedging my bets here and wishing everyone a happy new Lunar Year on this the first day of the new Chinese year.  I am starting to wonder if in some deep dark past life I celebrated this event a little more diligently, because I had thought that 2014 was my Annus Horribilis what with Mum’s close call and various other little nasties that popped up along the way.

Then Dad happened!  #@$&!!!!!!!!!  And it suddenly dawned on me… I must follow the Chinese New Year!

So by that token… buck up your ideas 2015!

Anyhoo… Dad.

Well the good news is; he’s been moved out of HDU and onto the general ward.  I did get a bit of a shock today when I looked into the HDU and some random woman was in the bed where Dad was normally.  The Staff were kind enough to point me in the direction of Dad’s room that overlooks the construction of the New Childrens’ Hospital.  A single room with ensuite and a phone, Dad is now free of all bar one IV that is being used for Heparin infusions as required.

He is in Room 1, Ward G52 if you are interested!

We chatted for a while about what was happening with my work (I had to call into the office and finalise my leave arrangements) and the general goings on over the previous couple of days.  Dad’s thoughts on where he is at the moment are very much on par with what he had said to Mum yesterday.  While he is in hospital should anything happen it is easier for them to call us in, than to have something happen at home and we suddenly be put in a place where we need to take action ie Ambulances etc…

This could all change however in the next day or two.  Fiona, the social worker I had previously met, happened to call me as I was driving into the office this morning.  She wanted a chance to chat with me over where the Dr’s thought Dad was up to and where to move on from then.

Around 12.30 Fiona came into Dad’s room and we had a good chat.  All things being equal (allowing for the fact that we are still waiting on results of the biopsy), the Doctors are pleased with Dad’s recovery and only have a couple of small concerns about his independence in the home front.  They don’t want him to be left unattended simply as a precautionary measure rather than for fear of him doing something daft.  Things like simple food prep, personal matters and the like they are confident Dad could do without issue (but would still like someone to be ‘around’), but they would not expect him to do larger things like a full main meal prep etc.  Considering Mum’s situation Fiona asked what if any support could be provided to assist us should Dad come home for a few days.  I expressed that Mum isn’t totally incapacitated (though she has been pushing it a bit these last couple of days) and that between us, we can manage – but we do have some reservation about falls and the like.

We also discussed the strategies I would need to put in place to help manage Coco’s interaction with Dad.  Coco is a smart dog as seen by her helping Mum when this all started, but Dad is her Dad and she is only 3 and very very happy to see him, so some collar/leash restrictions may be in order at first.  We do however have the advantage that because of Dad’s FIFO career, Coco from her joining the family, has been raised with the concept of Dad “going in the box” (the phone).  So any excitement we expect will be minimal because she’s used to the routine.

Just to add to the mix, Fiona did mention that there is a SLIM possibility that the test results might be sent back today and be ready for discussion tomorrow.  This would change any plans we make because it could be that Dad would start any treatments immediately if required.  The other option we are exploring is that Hollywood Repat Hospital around the corner from Sir Charlies might take over interim care while we wait for the results to come in.  We are waiting on the outcome of that referral request as it is actually Dad’s preferred option at the moment.

Tomorrow we will talk to the ward and see what time will be best to go in and catch the Doctors and Fiona and we will know if we are bringing him home tomorrow?  We will keep you informed.


One thought on “A Skippers Tale X

  1. Thanks for the regular updates. Glad things look a bit better for Fred. Sorry Barbara is not so well we both wish we lived a bit nearer so we could perhaps help. Take care of yourselves.

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