A Skippers Tale XXI

Choppy Waters

It’s just past midnight, so technically I haven’t posted two blogs on one day… but just read it as if I had posted this a few minutes ago.

FYI Dad has just left in an Ambulance for Sir Charlies.

Something I omitted from my last post was that the Cancer Coordinator Nurse Ann had told us that if Dad didn’t show noticeable improvement or if anything else developed that we weren’t to waste time with GP’s or the local hospitals, but to call and Ambulance and get him straight across to Charlies.  She is in the process anyway of trying to bump Dad up for a follow up MRI, but now, I think it is going to be highly likely they will do one as routine.

This evening just before getting into bed, Mum noticed that Dad was trembling… Mum asked him if he was cold and Dad replied no… so Mum asked him if he was feeling shaky?  Dad replied yes.  I was down the back getting ready for bed myself so I didn’t see it, but Mum monitored Dad getting into bed and then got in herself.  a minute or two later Mum noticed that the bed was shaking.  Dad was shaking hard enough to affect the bed.  It was at this point Mum called me down.  Dad held my hands and you could feel the involuntary shakes in them.  We took his temp and it was up a bit, something we had been warned to watch for… When he tried to get up and nearly pitched to the ground we decided to err on the side of caution.

Ironically the Ambo who arrived was the same one who saw Dad the last time he had a scare and was taken up to Armadale.  He remembered Dad had a “Grumpy Old Submariner” t-shirt on (There you go Dave).

His BP appeared okay, but as they got him to stand up again he nearly pitched it…  “Don’t do that… it’s much more paperwork for us” was the Ambo Matt’s quip.

Unbeknownst to us at this time, Leanne had been woken by her Cavi-poo Twisty having a right old ding-dong barking session and when she asked her husband Brian what she was going off like a pork chop over, Bri replied… “That would be the Ambulance in the Lawrences Driveway”…. <<blink blink>>  “Right!  I’ll be back shortly!”

Lea arrived just as the guys were bundling Dad onto the stretcher and has provided us with some much needed guiding to helping move Dad if required… and a firm kick in the pants to say… CALL ME!  What are besties for.

So now I am going to bed… Coco is keeping Mum company on her bed and hopefully tomorrow morning we will have a better idea of what is going on.

We think this is a conspiracy by Dad to avoid seeing people as Syd and another navy chum, Uncle Shane and my cousin Damon and most possibly my other bestie Jules were going to try and catch up with us tomorrow… or… today…

So… night all and I will keep you all informed.


One thought on “A Skippers Tale XXI

  1. Hi Yoli and Barb, we are sorry to hear of Fred’s latest episode. Please keep us informed. Love Lyn and Tony xxx

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