A Skippers Tale XXII

Becalmed – again…

About two hours after I posted my blog last night, I had finally dosed off to sleep when the home phone rang… GAH!  Not good!!!!  I shot out of bed, nearly tripped over my cat and my bedding and raced down the hall swearing under my breath.

It was the Emergency Department doctor on call.  He was contacting us to try and get some firmer details about what was happening with Dad… apparently he wasn’t making a whole lot of sense when they admitted him.   Mum gave the appropriate information to the Doctor who did actually apologise for scaring the crap out of us and we hung up the phone… Well we were awake again… Time for another cup of tea!  Finally around 3am we went back to bed.

This morning we got up just after 8am and called through to Charlies for an update.  Dad was still in the ED as they were waiting for a bed to become free in the oncology ward to move him upstairs.  The duty nurse had said that dad was showing signs of confusion and the Neurological Doctor on call had bumped his dose of Dexamethasone from 8mg up to 16 (8 twice a day).  With reassurances that Dad was stable and comfortable, Mum and I did the ring around to let family know and then decided that we were going to do nothing… both of us had a crap night, so we decided that we wouldn’t go and see Dad until they had gotten him onto a ward.  Instead we went back to bed to try and catch up on some of the sleep we had missed.

A phone call at lunch still had Dad located in ED but at least they knew that he would be moved to Ward G41 (at some point) and to call back later that afternoon.  About this time we also had a call from my Uncle Shane saying all things considered he and Damon wouldn’t be dropping around that afternoon.  Given everything that has been going on lately with various calamities and stresses befalling both sides of my family… I’m starting to wonder exactly deities pockets the family seems to have peed into to earn their ire!

Mum caught another rest in the afternoon while I did what little shopping we needed… or more importantly the furkids needed, lest there be fangs and claws before tea time!  We called back later in the afternoon to confirm that Dad had finally been moved up to G41 and was in room 4.  Talking to the station nurse we ran down what we had been experiencing at home and she said, yes they had sort of gotten the gist of that hence they had put him in a room immediately opposite the nurses station so they would be able to keep a close eye on him… As Dad has been known to do a bit of non-directional wandering at home we mentioned that as well.  The nurse Natalie laughed and said… yup… this was what they suspected and another reason they have him in sight of the station.

So that’s where things stand for now.  I am waiting for my black beasty to finish her ablutions for the night… then I am going to bed.  We will be heading into to see Dad after 8.30 tomorrow morning and I will keep you all updated.

Thanks for your many kind words of love and support… it’s really lovely to read and very appreciated.

Yoli & Barb


4 thoughts on “A Skippers Tale XXII

  1. Sorry to hear all that’s going on Yoli, but our thoughts and prayers are with you all and please let us know if we can do anything. Sue & Jonathan xx

  2. I have only just heard of Fred’s health situation. Pat and I send all of our positive thoughts to you both and hope, somehow, it gives you all strength.

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