A Skippers Tale XXIII

Looking for Safe Harbour

Well, Mum and I had an uneventful, but somewhat interrupted nights sleep last night.  No real surprise there (we’re hoping for a better night tonight).

We decided to call the hospital at little after 8am to see if they might have any indication if Dad would be likely to come home today.  The nurse on duty said she wasn’t sure but if it was it wouldn’t be until later in the morning, so if we aimed to be there about 10.30 we would have a better understanding.  Mum got put through to Dad’s bed and she had a chat to him for a minute or so.

We ensconced the various pets in their appropriate places and headed in to the hospital.  Originally we believed that Dad was being put in the oncology ward, but in point of fact the ward they have him in is in the cardio ward.  This has nothing to do with any heart issues and more to do with accommodation near a nurses station.

Ironically we arrived just after the duty doctor had been to see Dad, so we were unable to talk to her, but we were able to get an in depth rundown of what was going on with Aggie his nurse.

The long and the short of it is this… Dad, like I said is now on 8mg of steroid twice a day in a hope to reduce any swelling, but after 24 hours of that, there hasn’t been any significant improvement.  Dad is calm and compliant with what the nurses want him to do, but his ability to judge when certain events about his body occur has been severely impacted.  His ability to recall things like dates and locations etc is quite strong, but Aggie suspects that this is more to do with mimicry than genuine knowledge.  His conversations are getting more and more confused/disjointed… for example he told Mum that he was waiting for the bus, when asked where he was going, he said it was going to take him around the islands.  He told the Doctor that he had major dental work that he was getting organised for.  It’s events like this that is going to shape what happens next.

Aggie said that the next step is likely going to be a family conference with the Social workers at Charlies to discuss where to go from here, and the likelihood of us seriously needing to investigate the likes of full time care for Dad.  Whether that is just general monitored (aged) care or full palliative we don’t know yet.

Aggie has also told us, that it is unlikely at this time that Dad will be going for his next round of Chemo which was due next week and although it was not specified, they have said they are going to keep him in for the next 3-4 days and I am 99.9% sure that they will use this time to get another round of tests done.

The nurses all love him, because he is polite, friendly and compliant with what they need him to do… so he’s in good hands.

As we were leaving Mum broke down a little when it hit her just how fast things have progressed and she told me of the fear that Dad quite possibly won’t be coming back home.  Talking to Lea about it, I said Mum’s worries and that it must be hard for Mum because back in ‘the day’ going into care was it… bam, you were effectively in an institution.  I don’t think Mum has had it sink in that care facilities today are so much more than just a drop and leave… they actively encourage where possible for clients to spend a day out with their families is possible.  So, I’m certain that if and when Dad does need more dedicated assistance, that there will be ample opportunities for him to ‘come home’… That and the fact that any placement we have will have the question… Can a beloved family pet come to visit 😀

So tomorrow we will find out when this family conference is going to occur… but there is something even MORE important to occur!  For the past few months Mum has been trying to get across to her hairdressers… but every time she’s made an appointment something has happened… most times it’s been Dad related.  So, tomorrow come hell or high water – Mum is making the most of Dad being in Charlies and she’s going across to the shops for a cranial weed and feed (trust me… the Lawrences and the Warburtons don’t cut hair… we weed!)

For now I am going to call my kitty back inside, and hopefully tonight I won’t have a chorus of “Oh no no no no” from two vocal locals… neither will I have a repeat of this evening when I looked out into the night and seemed to have the cast of the village of the damned looking back at me with their glowing, unblinking eyes.

Great!  Now that’s just the image I need to implant into my subconscious before going to bed!  Time to dig out the Disney!

Night All.  And once again, thank you for your kind wishes.



3 thoughts on “A Skippers Tale XXIII

  1. Dear Yoli and Barbara
    Thanks for the updates – as much as it is good for us to know how you are all travelling it is just as important for you to have an outlet to pour out your thoughts and feelings. We are all thinking and praying for you both and dear Fred.
    If you can get Fred into a hospice (at the appropriate time) they will provide a wonderful place for you all. You or Barbara may be able to have the opportunity to sleep in with Fred, take his favourite music, have meals together, put up photos on walls that he can see, have a digital screen with images of family and holidays etc, even take in precious momentoes to have close by. I found this time so helpful in the grieving process and the staff are fully trained to look after you as well as Fred.
    Sending lots of love across the miles
    Erica and family xx

  2. Hi Yoli, just to let you know that our “appointment” on Sunday is going to see Tony Jnr up at Acacia! Our visit time is 12.30 and we ” get out” at 2.45 so by the time we get to you it will be at about 4ish or after. Hope that will be ok for your tenants so that To y can check out what they need. Love Lyn xxxx

  3. Hi Yoli
    thanks for the ongoing updates on how dads going. All of you are always in our thoughts. I will pass this info around the troops as everyone is keen to hear updates. Please pass on all our love and best wishes to both mum and dad and a big hug to you for your amazing resilience during this difficult time. Our love to you all. Your mum and dad would be incredibly proud of you.
    Kerren Kannikoski xx

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