A Skippers Tale XXIV

ship-shape and bristol fashion

This post heading isn’t so much for Dad… it’s more for Mum.  FINALLY success has been made in the hair department.  Today at lunch time Mum and I made it over to Maddington and she was able to get her hair cut.  Unfortunately her normal hair dresser Sue was unable to cut it owing to tearing the ligament off her knee, but her daughter Caitlyn did a brilliant job in lieu of her Mum.

We had a bit of a Blu-ray binge at Sanity and came away with Big Hero 6, Cinderella (original) and The Kingsman… Mum was itching to get home and watch Cinderella because she wanted to relive the joy she felt watching it as a small child.  Unfortunately Mum and I had both forgotten that the power was off today so that Western Power could change a light pole at the end of our street… Bugger!

So… what did people do before TV… oh yeah… read a book… it’s like downloading for your brain.  Mum and I snuggled into the lounge with lunch and a book each and waited for the power to return.  Shortly after it did we had a call from Sir Charlies.  Dad was being loaded up into the MRI tube as the technician called us… The reason for the call, there were some basic questions that Dad didn’t seem able to answer about his medical history that they needed to know.

The social worker Nadine also contacted us and it looks as if the family conference is going ahead tomorrow some time.  Either way, Mum and I will be going in to see Dad tomorrow.

We have spoken to him on and off throughout the day, and this evening Mum asked Dad what he had for tea… Dad’s response summed things up pretty well.  “I know what I had, but I can’t find the words”.  So it looks as if part of his brain seems to be responding to the extra Dexamethasone, but for how long?

Other than that I really have not a lot else to say other than it’s an unusually early time for me to be going to bed…. not…<<droopy head>>…. that…<<yawn>>… I…. <<Blink blink>> need it or any thin………..zzzzzzzzz

This is Elsie.  My human is drooling on her keyboard… So I will say goodnight and remind you all.  Your benevolent furry overlords demand your subservience… and boxes to sleepz in… and noms!


2 thoughts on “A Skippers Tale XXIV

  1. Hi Yoli, we have had a change of plan for Sunday. We will be back in Perth at about 1.30 ish if that is ok to call in. Thanks Lyn NdTony

  2. Hi, Yoli. My name is Brian Davies and I was on SD5 with your dad and recently attended the reunion at Dartmouth College in June. I was so sorry to hear that Fred and Barbara have been suffering so much recently with the health problems you have described. I knew that Barbara had been ill but the sudden (at the time) illness of your father took us by surprise. I want to let you know that my wife Kathy, and I will be praying for you all daily and hope that God’s grace will support you all in the coming difficult times. Please remember me to Fred.
    We live in Dallas, TX in the USA so our time differences are a little out of whack but rest assured you will be in our thoughts.
    Kathy and Brian

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