A Skippers Tale XXV


Well today was a sort of a non starter in the Lawrence clan.  We had been told by the nurses at Sir Charlies that Dad was going to be moved from ward G41 to ward G73 sometime that morning.

For the past few days the Doctors from the oncology ward have been coming down to check on Dad on the cardiac ward, today was going to be the day that they would finally have a bed free to move him upstairs.

As we were about to head into the city, we had a call from the crew who are building my studio out the back to say that the products were FINALLY being delivered…. as in they were on their way… crap!  Fortunately the ‘lower’ car bay at the front of Mum and Dads place was free so we told them just to put the stuff in there it would be secure, because as sure as god made little green apples if it had been left out the front there would be a bit missing by the time we needed it.

Crisis averted Mum and I headed in… Now the weather in Perth has been, um… damp the last couple of days, and today was no exception… exceptionally cold and drizzly with bouts of psycho rain dumpage it made for an interesting trip in on the freeway.  Fortunately we had left after rush hour which limited the chance of us meeting a traffic snarl.  As a recent Facebook post I saw said… “If you don’t swear while you are driving, you aren’t paying enough attention to the road”… so true!

Jesse, Dad’s nurse called just as we were going along Mounts Bay Road (about 5 minutes from the Hospital) to say come up to G41 as the transfer hadn’t happened yet.  We arrived to find Dad standing up and looking out the window in his room at the misty landscape.  The hospital PJ’s were a bit loose and I don’t know exactly how much weight he has lost since this started, but to give you an idea Dad used to wear between an L and XL in menswear… now he would be a solid M bordering even on a S… and dare I say it lest the ladies on this mailing list grind their teeth… he has achieved that which many of us only dream of… Thigh Gap! (however I am not suggesting this as an effective course of action!)

The Dex seems to be having some effect because though still confused Dad seemed more lucid.  He still can’t handle questions that have multiple answers like do you want shepherd pie or pork medallions for tea?  Trying to grip on to both options still alludes him.  The frustrating thing for him I think is the fact that I’m sure he is aware that he’s heard the two options he just can’t get his brain to hang on to the information.

Jesse came in and said there was likely to be a bit of a delay up at Oncology because they were so under the pump bed wise up there.  And that they would probably wait to do the family meeting until Dad is settled in the ward.  I did ask about the MRI that Dad had had, but Jesse said she hadn’t seen the results and she wasn’t able to interpret them anyway.  The other thing she did say was that they had taken a urine sample from Dad and it appeared to have some bio-buggers in it.  I wasn’t aware until that time that a bladder infection in older people can cause confusion!  So in addition to all his other medications, Dad has been put on a course of antibiotics to try and clear anything like a UTI up to see if that makes a significant difference too.

We left the hospital shortly after that and headed back home.  On the trip in Mum had mentioned to me that last night she had been laying in bed and she has finally come to the conclusion that in reality she hasn’t ‘accepted’ what has happened to Dad.  This revelation didn’t surprise me.  I had suspected as much for some time, but it was good for Mum to be able to get herself to a point where she can acknowledge it herself.  I’ve suggested that when we speak to the social worker that she perhaps see if there is a counselor that she could sit down with and talk about what’s happening.  I know all our friends and family have offered their love and support, and even the Doctors and Nurses have been great… but everyone around us has a vested interest as it were… you guys are having to deal with this news in your own worlds, and the medical staff by nature take a more clinical approach.  Mum needs to be able to talk to someone who has the skills needed to be able to offer comfort and support, but still maintain some detachment.  I am sure there are things that Mum wants to talk to someone about, but might not feel it’s appropriate/right to offload on one of us.  I really hope that she can get to talk to someone, I think it would do a world of good for her… heck… that being said… it wouldn’t hurt if I took some of my own advice too.

We arrived home just in time for the arrival of two strapping young lads and a trailer load of prefabbed sheets ready for assembly.  We have told the hospital we basically won’t be free until Friday as the shed might go up tomorrow or Thursday.  Once the shed is up, I will finally be able to start unloading my assorted junk from the house to the the shed 😀

Other than that we had lunch, watched some TV… and I finally appreciate why Dad spent much of his time dozing in his chair… when you have a lap full of cat and dog and a gentle murmur from the TV… sleep comes damn fast!

So I will sign off for now… if I don’t post for the next day or two, fear not… I will update when we have new news.

Oh PS… as of 8pm this evening… Dad was still in G41 😀


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