A Skippers Tale XXVI

St Elmo’s Fire

This is a very brief post for this evening as it is pretty much all I can do right now.

I returned from collecting Coco from doggie daycare today just as family pulled up who was purchasing our cross trainer.  I stayed outside to help them, said my farewells and walked inside to find Mum in a right state.

While I had been outside one of Dad’s doctors had called to speak to Mum about Dad’s general care… and the results of the MRI.

The long and the short of it is… the treatments Dad has had haven’t worked.  Not only are the tumours still there, but it appears it is the worst we suspected… there are more.

How many, I don’t know… and until I can speak to the Doctor tomorrow I can’t offer really any more information.

The Doctor asked Mum outright if she believed that we would be able to care for Dad at home.  Much to Mum’s distress she/we have agreed that if Dad’s condition continues the way it has… then, no.

Anyway.  I don’t want to leave Mum alone in the main part of the house for too long.

I will update when I have more information.



2 thoughts on “A Skippers Tale XXVI

  1. Hi Yoli, your Mum phoned me this evening in a bit of a state asking about the facility where I work as a perhaps place for your Dad. Just a bit of a heads up. Ours is a high care dementia facility and I think you and your Mum would get a huge shock if you were to come in and see our residents. It may not be the place for your Dad. Our Facility called River Gardens in Kelmscot may be a better option. It is Less confronting but not knowing your Dads level of cognivity it is hard to know. Don’t forget the Amaroo owned McMillan center near the markets and Amaroo in Stalker Road. It is going to be a very hard road for you all. So sorry your Dads chemo didnt work. He is such a fine upstanding man, so knowledgeable and such a good person. It is such a Bastard . Did you get my reply about the change of Sunday times? Hope that is ok. Much love Lyn xx

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