A Skippers Tale XXVIII

There be Pirates in these waters!

It’s 8.30 and I am struggling to stay awake long enough to post. Mum and I are knackered! So an apology if this is brief.

After dropping the puppy off at doggy daycare Mum and I headed into the hospital with a view to catch up with Dad’s social worker to discuss where we go from here.  We arrived to find Dad’s room nicely located near the Blue elevators at the back of the hospital.  Dad was sound asleep when we arrived.

After encouraging Dad to eat his breakfast before the staff came to take the tray, we waited for the Social Worker.  I could see Mum was getting more and more stressed as the minutes passed. Finally Mum had enough and she went ‘for a walk’… Code for… “I’m going to find out what the hell is going on”.  Ironically it turned out that Marie our Social Worker was just cramming Dad’s notes when Mum arrived at the nurses station.

We discussed with Marie our concerns for Dad, and despite asking him a fairly straight forward question about what had happened in the last few minutes, Dad’s memory played tricks on him… He recounted being asleep and waking up to Mum touching his hand and that he had eaten his breakfast, but then he went on to say about other people in the ward and how they were in there for the same thing trying to get the blood sugar settled etc…  Mum went to correct him, but I touched her hand, and as I explained to her later… when Dad is talking like that it’s not in his best interests to interrupt or correct him especially if a medical person is trying to assess him… plus any train of thought could be derailed very easily if we interrupted.

Marie agreed with the Dr’s and our assessment, that Dad isn’t in a well enough state to return home for care.  Many of you may be aware or have been able to read between the lines of this blog, but in the past week or so, the tumour has started his ability to regulate or control his bodily functions on a semi regular basis.  This, along with the fear of Dad falling or inadvertently injuring himself trying to do household items is getting beyond our ability to assist him.

We have made an appointment with Marie for Monday morning to complete an authority for what they call an ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team).  This re-assessment will be a follow up to the one that was done when Dad first got out of hospital.  With this we can start looking at facilities that might be able to take Dad.

When we got home This afternoon I called the care centre I had previously alluded to in my blog, and we were able to go down and have a look at it.  It is a wonderful light and airy place that I am sure Dad would be happy in….  *IF* we have $490,000 to put down as a bond!!!!!!!

What.  The.  Actual.  Faaaaaaaark!


It boggles my mind that in addition to the daily rate of $47 and change room rate, families of patients are expected to fork over nearly HALF A MILL in bond money…. FOR WHAT?  Okay I appreciate like any bond it’s designed to be there for damage etc that the person may cause… and I can appreciate that with some of the longer term patients you could be looking at someone in care for 5+ years….  But for someone in Dad’s position… really?  If you can’t pony up all the money they do have a nice option where you pay what you can and then you have to pay the INTEREST on what ever is left over… at 6.5%.  All in all with no deposit you would be looking at approx $1800 per fortnight.

Now… this is not taking into consideration any concessions you might be entitled to through the likes of Centrelink or DVA… however, you then have the issue that you need to find a facility that has an available “Concessional” bed available!  And even then it doesn’t cover everything.

Holy Crap!

I said to Mum, half joking, that at this rate I’ll put my stuff in the unit into storage and move into the main part of the house and we will hire a full-time live in nurse and ensconce her and Dad in the unit!!!!!  It would cost less!

And the thing is, this isn’t going to be a long term placement.  I mentioned to a few people that I would be surprised if Dad was with us at Christmas 2016.  At the rate of decline Dad is experiencing… I’m starting to wonder if we will be sharing Christmas this year with him.

Anyway… I am cold and I am tired and I am going to bed and hope something improves tomorrow.




2 thoughts on “A Skippers Tale XXVIII

  1. Hi Yoli, I did try to prepare you for the horrors of getting an Aged Care placement. I am with you that it is outrageous. Perhaps DVA could get Fred a “public bed” in a facility. You hae so much ahead of you, not to mention your Dad. It is such a shit of a thing. I am so sorry that you have to gothrough all of this. Take time for “Yoli ” time. Will see you around 1ish on Sunday arvo. Love to you all xxxxx

  2. Hi Yoli and Barb,
    Our thoughts are with you all, and finding a care facility can only add to your concerns. Your joking suggestion on home care is similar to our thoughts for ourselves as the system ( including DVA) doesn’t seem to be practical or achievable. Love to you all

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