A Skippers Tale XXIX

Ship to shore do you read me anymore?

Sorry for the brief break in transmission, but the past couple of days have been fairly full on in mine and Mum’s department, but fairly light on in Dad’s.

We were scheduled to have a meeting with Marie the social worker at Charlies 10am Monday morning.  The purpose of the meeting was to sign the authorities for them to do and updated ACAP assessment so that we can get things moving on getting Dad in to full time care.  As it turned out, our electrician turned up to do the preliminary wiring for the shed and Mum was quite under the weather… We now think it is was a combination of stress and strain on her body that resulted in it going… nup, we’ve had enough!  So we delayed going into the hospital until today.

The Nurses had informed us that Dad had started doodling pictures of cats on his napkin, so when we went in today we made sure that I had put a pad of my cartridge paper and some pencils in with our stuff.  Dad back in the day was quite the talented artist… it seems to run in the family, as we (ie our extended family) have several bits of art work by various men in our family over the years… I have to dig out Dad’s “Helicopter” one some day.

We tried a bit of an experiment with Dad while we were in there today, I had noticed that for a good couple of weeks that Dad hadn’t seemed to have said Mum or My name out loud, so we wanted to see if this was just because when you know someone really well you don’t always say their name, or if he had actually forgotten.  Ironically when we first questioned him Dad responded with our email “Names” BML3598 and Rimsey… go figure.

After talking to Dad we headed off for our meeting with Marie.  She’s being able to use the original assessment to build a new more care driven one for Dad, so a lot of the work has been taken off our hands thankfully.  She commented that Dad is in an unusual situation… They would prefer NOT to keep him in hospital simply for the fact that he isn’t dependent on MEDICAL assistance at this time, neither do they think he’s a good candidate for a traditional “Transitional” placement in a care facility, so they were talking to Bethesda Hospital in Claremont to see if they could find some sort of arrangement… He’s slipping between the two cracks of a) being well enough that he’s not considered “Rehab” and b) not being ill enough to fit the traditional palliative *at*this*stage*.  Marie has given us a list of care facilities in the Perth metro area and it’s now a case of doing the ring around to find somewhere that has a concessional bed.

She sent us home with a wadge of paperwork to fill in – it is basically the same form I got on Friday with all 145 questions… HOWEVER, I did find out that because Mum and Dad are receiving DVA benefits that most of the asset information has been included on that so I could avoid a dog load of questions that were, quite frankly, going to be a pain the butt to try and find and so I should have that off to the assessment team in the next day or two.

Our liaison Buster called to say that he had been in this afternoon to see Dad and, much like Sid before him, found that Dad lost focus fairly quickly and seemed quite tired.  He did also mention that he had spoken to DVA and they had sent an email outlining which facilities would accept Dad at full funding for palliative treatment.  Bethesda was one, and St John of God’s Murdoch was another…  St John’s Murdoch would be brilliant, as it is much closer (only about 17 km’s) from us instead of 40.

We do have a couple of other balls up in the air, but I’m not going to jinx anything by getting my hopes up…

Mum has decided that she’s gotten to the point that she doesn’t think that she is going to be able to make it in to see Dad everyday where he is… it just takes too much out of her.  This evening her legs were like rubber and shaking because of the walking she has done in the past couple of days.  We are certainly going to look at two things in the near future… 1) selling her 2009 Toyota Yaris sedan – putting it out there if anyone is interested… and getting instead a little buggy (God help us all) and 2) trying to trade in her current walker for one of the newer models that can double as a wheelchair.  Mum and I can do a sort of arrangement with her current one, only she has to be facing me and tuck her feet back up under her legs which isn’t very comfortable.  Nowadays you can get ones that actually have the handles that can spin around so that a companion can push the walker like a wheelchair….

Personally, as mercenary as it sounds, when everything has settled down I am going look at having a couple of days somewhere just to unwind and completely relax.  I know I have had my two “nerdycon” weekends as my bestie Leanne calls them, but they were pretty full on, yes they were a break, but not a very relaxing one.  If I take a break this time, it’s going to be a full on – do nothing but veg out if I want to break where I don’t have to do anything if I can possibly avoid it!  But that is for the future.  For now, as always, one foot in front of the other, one day at a time… that’s all any of us can do…

Love to you all, and thank you for your messages, and I apologise if I am not responding individually.



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