A Skippers Tale XXXIV

Batten Down the Hatches Boys!  This storm’s going to be a bitch!

In certain circles, I am known by the name “Tempest”.  I chose the name because I have the uncanny knack of popping up from no where and leaving a trail of devastation and pain behind me!

Suffice to say, someone today read the weather forecast wrong.

At this particular time I am not in a position, or mind, to go into the particulars of what has gotten me cursing worse than anything you lot of Dad’s ilk could muster, but I will say this.

  1. It does have to do with Dad
  2. No, it’s not to do with his care or immediate health
  3. I am incredibly pissed
  4. for those who know me, I am currently conversing in slow – even – monotone…

As so as I have had a chance to cool down (or some might say warm up) and a chance to speak to a few people over the weekend/early next week I will post more details as I might need some assistance from people reading this…

So good night all



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