A Skippers Tale XXXVI


Ever heard of the expression Deja Moo?  The feeling you’ve seen this shit before?  Welcome to my world this evening.

Had a meeting today with Dad’s Doctor and the Social Worker at Bethesda.  We’d been blind-sided a week ago when we had a call from Paula (the Doctor) advising us that were we are this was just a temp placement.  Well today we started discussing options.  I’m not going to bore you with the details but suffice to say Mum and I have found ourselves back where we started when Dad was first admitted.  Needing to find accommodation for Dad.

One thing that has changed is our understanding of what ‘concessional’ means in this scenario.  About 15 things depending on who you talk to….

The long and the short of it is, Dad has been assessed as having just over $260,000 in ‘assets’, so as a result that is the amount of getting Dad into a home would be… either that or pay a Daily Accommodation Payment of 6.5% ($655) per fortnight on top of a Daily living payment of $47.49 ($664) so in total about $1300 per fortnight in total.  Mum and Dad’s total income from their pensions is about $1400 a fortnight… it’s bonkers.

Overall, today has been one of those rare days when I have thought ***k it, I give up. I had to leave the meeting with the social worker at one point on the pretext of needing to go to the ladies… it was either that or burst into tears and slap the woman into next week.

We are sort of managing to keep the balls in the air, but the deeper we get into this, the more balls keep getting added to the act and I’m not sure just how much longer I can keep them up there.

Bed is calling and my eyes get heavy typing this…. I will go to bed and hope for some more energy in the morning.


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