A Skippers Tale XXXVIII

Festina Lente (Hasten Slowly)

Many of you may have heard through the grapevine that Mum and I are waiting for *that call*.  Having the event hanging over our heads like the Doom of Damocles is just plain tiring.

We went and saw Dad yesterday and were stunned with what we found.  Dad has basically slipped into a coma an is sleeping 100% of the time now.  The Nurses were telling us that Dad hasn’t had food or water for a about 3-4 days now, so the possibility of his body shutting down any tick of the clock is very very real.  At one point I put my hand on Dad’s thigh… it was horrifying for me to find that his thigh is now about the size of my forearm.

But the good thing is, he’s not in any pain.  The nurses reassure us ever times they move him there is no indication that he’s in discomfort of any kind.  Before we left both Mum and I said our ‘good-byes’ just in case something had happened over night.

The other day Sid and Franco the Navy Chaplin came out to see us about what we would like from a service.  Mum and I both agreed that Dad would want something simple and tasteful rather than windy and frothy (can’t you just hear him bellowing GET ON WITH IT!).  Franco did ask us if we knew anyone who might want to say a few words in eulogy for Dad… so if you are reading this and would like to, please message me on my home email rimsey@iinet.net.au and we can chat.

The service is going to be held at the Fremantle Crematorium, dad obviously to be advised.  In lieu of floral tributes I will be setting up a page on the “Cure Brain Cancer” website where donations may be made in Dad’s honour.

Like I said, my sleep is really screwy at the moment so I am going to go and sack out for an hour or so..

PS – Thanks to Todd for the quote today…


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