A Skippers Tale XC

Change of Course

Okay.  Small amendment to last nights post.  Shortly after posting things I was heading to be when a startling and worrying thought crossed my mind.  Saturday October 3 might NOT be the best date to have a Fremantle Funeral.

For those of you not up with Australian Culture, the last Saturday in September (or near enough to) is considered by some, to be a holy high day… else wise known as the AFL Grand Final.

This year both Western Australian Teams run a chance of getting into said final, depending on how they play this week. (The VFL supporters reading this can just grind their teeth someplace else for the night <grin> )  Anyhoo, having a funeral on a grand final Saturday could be problematic – especially if Freo gets in.

That and coupled with a couple of people not being able to make that Saturday, Mum and I seemed to have settled on Wednesday the 7th of October now.  This is still to be confirmed with the Funeral Directors tomorrow.

Anyway… I must push off as the relaxants I have taken are starting to kick in and I need a good nights sleep.

Your many wishes of condolence and love are really appreciated by Mum and I, even if we don’t get back straight away.




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