A Skippers Tale XCIV

It’s been three months since Dad left us, and as much as things change, things stay the same.

Mum and I have decided that Christmas this year will be a bit of a non starter, which considering everything it’s to be expected.

We manged to get our week away… After a false start at the Esplanade in Fremantle (wow has that gone down hill since the Rydges took over) we ended up staying a week in a “Loft Suite” at Crown Burswood.  Much good food and resting was had.

Mum has started proceeding with seeing if she is eligible for a War Widows pension and I am gearing up to fight the bureaucratic juggernaut that is DVA.

I can’t remember if I had previously mentioned that Dad’s claims were pretty much dismissed by the assessor who looks after the VEA side of things (read everything from 1978 onwards) but that the SCRA officer (Pre 78) accepted that Dad’s chronic bronchitis was service related.

Okay… so the up shot is that I needed to appeal against the VEA ruling and send it off to the Veterans Review Board (VRB).

Yesterday we received a small forrest of paperwork pertaining to the claim.  First and foremost we noticed this one the front cover page



Well someone screwed up!

So… I called DVR who advised that yes they had the records for Fred Lawrence as serving in the Army.  If it was a typo then it had to be fixed by DVA, you need to call them…

Called DVA… and again… “Yes, your father is listed as being in the RAN from Jan 61 to 7/12/72 when he then moved branches to the Army until he was discharged in 1982”

I explained that this was interesting that the Army would commission a person to get officer training in the UK at Dartmouth in 1975 then!

They suggested that we contact the military records office… I did try but like my of my brethren they are in Christmas shutdown mode!

So guess what I will be doing after the 4th of Jan!

How the bloody hell has this SNAFU occurred?

Government Departments… what *would* we do without them… this also however may explain why they are dragging their heals a bit too!

So to all Have a Safe and happy festive season full of love, life and family.

Much Love

Yoli & Barb


3 thoughts on “A Skippers Tale XCIV

  1. Hi Barb and Yoli
    I understand and share wholeheartedly your frustrations with your dealings at DVA. My advice to you is to contact your RSL advocate (at your nearest RSL club) and nominate him/her to act on your behalf. They have the knowledge of the DVA system pitfalls and loopholes, as well as the shortcuts and contacts within DVA to make things work in your favour. Not only will this relieve you of the angst and frustration of dealing with DVA but the advocate also knows the various FACTSHEETS that are applicable to your claims which you otherwise don’t know about. They will complete your claim forms for you and streamline their progress through the system. PLEASE do this as you will get ALL of what you are entitled to, rather than what you THINK you may be entitled to.

    Best wishes to you both for Christmas and the New Year

    Your friends from the other side of the nation

    Tony and Glennis

  2. Hi

    May name is Ray Kemp National Pension Co-ordinator for the Submarine Association. I have a bit of advice could you send mayor phone number. Mine is 0419829299

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